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The DesignRx® Difference

Certain medical conditions often require special medications. In addition to the stress of undergoing any medical treatment, paying for medications can become a burden. That is why DesignRx was created: to help you better afford your specialty medications.

Founded in 2004, DesignRx is the nation's largest cash fertility program.

The Managed Cash program offered by DesignRx has the ability to significantly decrease patient out-of-pocket pharmacy costs for members.

Through our network of specialty pharmacies DesignRx can bring you discounts on specialty medications ranging anywhere from 15% to 30% depending on which specialty pharmacy you choose.

DesignRx network pharmacies are carefully chosen based on their distribution experience within a given disease state and their capabilities to provide strong customer service. Specifically all of the DesignRx pharmacies offer timely delivery of medications to your door and exceptional patient support and education.

At DesignRx we strive to provide you the best Value and Service for your medication needs.

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DesignRx is proud to partner with these outstanding pharmaceutical and medical device companies: 

Our mission is to improve patient quality of life without compromising safety through the metabolic management of chronic diseases